Drinks Menu Template

Menu is a list that contains information about food and beverages. Drink menu of a restaurant will contain information about offered drinks with rates in different categories. Different aspects should be kept in mind while designing a Drink Menu that include design of menu, color scheme, use of graphics, categorization of drinks and price details in front of each drink. A drink menu will not only contain drinks details but it will also serve as a document of advertisement. You can take help from a Drinks Menu Template while designing your own.

Here we have designed a Drinks Menu Template for your kind assistance. This free Drink Menu Template has been created in MS Word 2007. All its contents and images are editable. You can feel free to change its images and their placements, color scheme, contents, font size and styles or can also use this template in the same form just be inserting your rates for each drink. Here is a preview of this Drinks Menu Template.

Click on the download button to have this free Drinks Menu Template. Send us your feedback about usability of our collection of free menu templates.

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